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Panda is a purpose-driven search engine that positively changes the world. Your search queries generate revenues. With these you support WWF projects and campaigns.

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With just a few clicks you can set Panda as your default search engine, define Panda as your homepage or install the Panda app for your smartphone.

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Shaping the future together

The WWF wants to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and the environment and shape a future in which people and nature live in harmony.

WWF´s national and international projects contribute to achieving this goal. They are intended to prove that the conservation and responsible use of natural resources is compatible with sustainable economic development.

Learn more about the work of the WWF:

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How are revenues generated?

Panda Search works with the same model as Google. Each click on a sponsored link generates a small revenue, which varies depending on the search term.

How is this revenue used?

The revenue is distributed according to a fixed key. 50 percent is distributed via PANDA Fördergesellschaft mbH to WWF Germany, which, depending on the regional composition of users, passes on funds to other WWF chapters, such as WWF Switzerland and WWF Austria. The remaining 50 percent is earmarked for the operation of the search engine as well as for campaigns and online marketing activities.

What technology is Panda Search based on?

Panda is based on Microsoft’s Bing search algorithm. The auto-complete feature is provided by Searchturbo Ltd.

What is Panda Search’s CO2 footprint like?

Searching with Panda is CO2 neutral. Three factors are decisive: Panda Search is hosted CO2-free. The search queries are processed by BING. The company introduced an internal CO2 tax in 2012 and has been CO2-neutral since then. WWF’s work, which is supported by Panda Search, has an additional CO2 positive effect.

How does Panda Search protect my privacy?

Panda is a privacy friendly search engine that helps you reduce your digital footprint. This includes: (1) We do not create personal user profiles of you. Many web services collect user information in order to resell it without their explicit permission. We do not sell your information and search queries to advertisers. (2) We encrypt your searches to protect your searches from potential interceptors. (3) We do not use externally hosted tracking tools. Most websites use external tracking tools such as Google Analytics to improve their service.